MDI launch Virtual Studio – online movement and dance workshops

MDI have launched a Virtual Studio on YouTube, since temporarily closing their home on Hope Street.

The YouTube channel is filled with workshops to keep you moving, from Merseyside’s leading dance company

Full channel:

  • Dance Stars – for children and young people 4+
  • Get Up & Make: the sister-show to Get Up & Dance (below) with fun tutorials to create home made props for routines


  • Chair-based dance for those with limited mobility 
  • MDFI Fit: a series of short workouts for legs / arms / core, to help you build your own workout at home
  • Get Up & Dance: zumba-style routines designed to get everyone moving, regardless of dance experience


Dance videos feature a walk through of movement before a performance of the choreography, with on-screen prompts to help you remember what’s coming up next. All dance tutorials are pre-recorded and free, meaning you can pause, rewind and watch as many times as you need to in order to learn the movement, before dancing along at home!