McCartney, Doctor and The Medics

mike mccartney 08place dr and the medics

Mathew Street Music Festival 2006 – Part 2 – Saturday August 26th 08 Place & Pier Head

Mike McCartney was at the 08 Place this afternoon signing copies of his Live8 Coolpix book. I already got a copy at the original launch a while ago but called in anyway. There was quite a queue waiting, I’m sure they’ll sell out soon, its a limited edition of just 1,000 copies and all the proceeds go to the Live Aid Trust.

I only actually saw one band at the Pier Head today but Dr and the Medics is a great act, very funny and entertaining. They finished, of course, with their one and only hit, their cover of Spirit In The Sky. The large crowd loved it..

They were followed by Johnny Silver, the German John Lennon impressionist. hmm.

Would have liked to have seen the Proclaimers earlier but I arrived too late.

dr and the medics dr and the medics


  1. Johnny Silver and his Lennon show was really great, best Lennon so far! The ballads were so emotional, passionate, more intimate, spookily like Lennon. Lennon has a special place in my heart and it was fantastic to see his work performed so accurately.

  2. i saw dr and the medics they where proper funny. The proclaimers were realy good you missed a good show especially there song 500 miles .


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