Massive Shop-front Mural Created by Young People


What surprised me when I looked at the pictures I’d taken this afternoon is that if somebody just showed me this picture and I couldn’t see the road sign I would never have guessed it was in Dale Street! How does this grotty eyesore (the buildings not the mural) come to be directly opposite the Municipal Buildings and just up the road from the Town Hall

Maybe its due to be demolished but is being ‘saved’ by some manic injunction-server similar to that pain-in-the-backside in Edge Lane.

Anyway the mural is great, bright and colourful with lots of action, should ease the boredom of the commuters waiting at the bus-stop. Only problem is it does draw attention to those awful buildings which I’d never really noticed before.

Teenagers from Marybone Youth and Community Association have spent the last three months working with artists from the Dyingfrog Arts Network to create a massive colourful mural across the front of four run-down shops opposite Municipal Buildings on Dale Street.

The project is part of the Liverpool Culture Company’s ‘City in Progress’ programme, which uses colourful hoardings to decorate key developments and buildings, creating a dynamic exhibition of city life.


Pictured below is the artist Dave Bixter ( with some of the teenagers.