Mark Wallinger’s White Horse

wallinger-horseI’m not sure about this, its a big horse, huge oversize things do have an initial wow factor but what then? Where’s the creativity, imagination, inventiveness? I’m not asking for a super-horse-banana or anything but this just seems a bit boring. There’s a lot of comment about the cost of course. Maybe people are playing safe, not wanting to be seen to spend so much public money on something challenging or controversial.

A giant white horse has been chosen as a new £2m art commission for south east England dubbed “Angel of the South”.

The design, by former Turner Prize winner Mark Wallinger, was selected from a three-strong shortlist as part of the Ebbsfleet Landmark Project.

His design for the public art commission will see a horse standing on all four hooves at 33 times life-size.

Once built, it will dominate the north Kent landscape, standing as high as Nelson’s Column at about 164ft (50m).

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