Maritme Museum – Events Feb-Apr 08


A sense of the 60s

Mar 18, 25


Join us in the Long Room for a fab art and craft workshop. (all)


Market days and medieval ways

Feb 9

1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm

Feb 24, Mar 8, Mar 29

1, 2 & 3pm

Find out what Liverpool life was like in 1300 as we explore a medieval marketplace. (all)


Are the peasants revolting?

Feb 11, Feb 14, 17, Mar 2, 16, 17, 30

1, 2 & 3pm

Eleanor de Montague, our lady in waiting, helps you discover more about life in medieval Liverpool. (all)


Magical music tour

Feb 13, Mar 19

2 & 3pm

From Frankie Vaughn to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, celebrate Liverpool’s musical heritage with a trip down memory lane. (all)


Dr William Henry Duncan

Feb 2, Feb 13, 16, 23, Mar 1

1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm

Find out what living conditions were like for the poor in Liverpool with the city’s first Medical Inspector. (all)


Walking with Curators

February 12, March 11


Join Jon Murden, curator of the Magical History Tour exhibition, for a short informative talk.



Shiver me timbers

Feb 10

1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm

Come, meet our very own pirate, and find out about life on the ocean wave. See if you have what it takes to be a fearsome treasure hunter. (up to age 9)


Punch & Judy

Jan 12, Feb 9, Mar 1

1, 2 & 3pm

Boo the heroes and cheer the villains in time-honoured form. (all)


Early years

Feb 24

1, 2 & 3pm

Bring your little ones to play and listen to stories on the first floor early years gallery. (under 5s)


Wartime at the Piermaster’s House

Mar 9, 22, 24, 29

At intervals 1–4pm

Meet Rose, the Piermaster’s wife, as she prepares for another day of rations and blackouts. (all)


The leaving of Liverpool

Feb 11, 12, Mar 17, 18, 23, 25, 26

1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm

Join our three travellers and listen to their tales of hope & fear on their way to a new land. (all)


Sea urchins

Mar 30

1, 2 & 3pm

Bring your little ones to play and listen to stories on the first floor early years gallery. (under 5s)


Maritime skills

The six-knot challenge

Feb 16


Are you smart enough to take the six-knot challenge? Join nautical craftsman Dave Walker and find out. (all)


All hands on deck

Mar 16

At intervals 1–4pm

Ever wonder what a Fid is or why a ship is a she? This fascinating hands-on session reveals all (all)


Medieval woodcarving

Feb 13, 23, Mar 19

At intervals 1– 4pm

See medieval woodcarving in the Magical History Tour.


Ship bottling with Des Newton

Feb 14, Mar 20

At intervals 1– 4pm

Join Des and see how it’s done. (all)



Monster of the deep

Feb 12, Mar 9, 24


Drop anchor at our nautical arts and crafts session. (all)


Dragons and lanterns

Feb 3, 10


This Chinese craft workshop gives you the chance to learn what the year of the dog means to you while making colourful lanterns, fans and dragons. (all)



Mar 23


Celebrate Eid el Adha with our arts and crafts session for the whole family


Lighthouses and Brass Rubbing

Mar 26

1 – 4pm

Join us for a nautical arts and crafts session. (all)




Spotlight on the Titanic

Feb 10, 23, 24, Mar 22, 25


Feb 4, 18, 25, Mar 3, 10


Join our resident demonstrator for the facts and myths that surround the sinking of the Titanic. (all)


Titanic – The Quartermaster’s Story

Feb 17, Mar 2, 15, 22, 24, 30

1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm

Robert Hutchins was at the wheel when Titanic hit the iceberg. Hear his fascinating story told by our resident actor. (All)



Queer Heaven: 20th Century Seafaring

February 23


Solidarity, trust and respect awaited gay men who became ship stewards on the grand passenger liners like the Queen Mary. Hear stories why this was an ideal career when faced with prejudice and the law ashore.


Imperial City to Capital of Culture

March 1


John Murden uncovers how the city fortunes have waxed and waned between the early 1900s and 1980s. Discussing how its recovery over the last two decades resulted in its win to be Capital of Culture


Samuel Plimsoll – The Story of the Plimsoll Sensation

March 13


Nicolette Jones, author of the award-winning The Plimsoll Sensation (a Radio 4 Book of the Week) brings to life the Victorian whistleblower Samuel Plimsoll. This talk chronicles his epic battle to defend sailors against overloading, the use of unseaworthy coffin-ships and justice for merchant sailors that partly took place in Liverpool.


Muslim Geographies

April 5


Lecture & Debate

This public lecture and debate is hosted by Tahir Abbas, Director of the Study of Ethnicity and Culture, University of Birmingham and Ziauddin Sardar, broadcaster and writer.


The Ultimate Experience

April 12


Steve Rigby, Honourable Secretary of the British Titanic Society, describes his amazing dive to the wreck of the Titanic.

Collect tickets from the welcome desk or call 0151 478 4178


Conflict and Cooperation: Japanese And British Shipping 1890 – 1950

April 24


Peter Davies Lecture

This year’s Peter Davies Lecture is given by Professor William D Wray and supported by the International Maritime Economic History Association. Wray examines the major shipping companies involved in the arrival (in the 1890s) of Japanese competitors into trade between Europe and East Asia. Finishing in 1950 when they were welcomed back into the shipping conference system following the Second World War.


Customs & Excise Museum


This year Customs & Excise Museum is undergoing redevelopment (due to re-open late spring 2008). But this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on our smuggle-busting events. Come and join in with our fun, themed activities in Merseyside MaritimeMuseum where you will learn more about the dangerous world of smuggling and contraband goods.


Little smugglebuster’s playday

Feb 8, Mar 7

11am- 2pm

Pop along for a day of Customs-themed fun for little visitors – art, stories and dressing up too! (under 5s)


Mother Redcap

Feb 9, Mar 20, 28

1.30, 2.30 & 3,30pm

Mother Redcap will be on the gallery to captivate you with stories about the dark and dangerous world of smuggling.


Explore Customs

Feb 15, Mar 17

1- 4pm

Come and get your hands on our collections. Explore the issues of endangered animals, smuggling and fakes. Includes dressing up for under sevens.


Storytelling with customs

Feb 11, 16

1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm

Come and listen to stories of the dangerous world of smuggling.


Eco-road warriors

Mar 22

1- 4pm

Come and discover how Customs protect the environment and make your own eco-friendly vehicle to show off to your mates!


Countdown to Customs

Mar 24

1 – 4pm

Come along and find out all about Seized – Revenue and Customs uncovered.


Mobile madness

Mar 29


Join us and we will show how to make an animal or sea themed mobile to decorate your room.



Maritime café

Daily 11am- 4.30pm

Serving a wide selection of hot and cold meals, drinks and snacks. Children’s menu and highchairs available. Hot food served between 11.30am – 3.30pm.


Quayside café

Daily 10am- 4.30pm

Serving a selection of hot and cold drinks, snacks and filled baguettes.


Maritime and Customs & Excise shop

The museum shop has a wide range of maritime themed gifts, books, postcards, posters and pocket-money priced souvenirs.


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