Maritime Museum – ‘Magical History Tour’

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‘Magical History Tour’
Until September 27 2009
Liverpool’s fascinating 800-year history from fishing village to Second City of the British Empire and into the modern era is explored in a major exhibition at Merseyside Maritime Museum.


Magical History Tour looks at the events which shaped Liverpool over the centuries. King John’s charter of 1207 literally set the seal on the future of the town. Liverpool Castle dominated the town for 500 years before it was finally swept away in the 1700s as the port began to grow.

The exhibition features a model of the stone-built fortress as a centrepiece. Magical History Tour takes visitors on a journey of discovery to celebrate the amazing roller-coaster story of Liverpool and its people.

It looks at why Liverpool proved to be such a prime location for its early settlers and how this shaped its future. Liverpool’s dramatic political history of struggle and conflict is examined along with its success as a major port and gateway to the world.

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