Maritime Museum – Events January – March 2010

imageMerseyside Maritime Museum (January – March 2010)
Drop anchor at Merseyside Maritime Museum. Discover the story of the Titanic, learn about the Battle of the Atlantic and marvel at Liverpool’s maritime past.  Explore our incredibly varied collections that reflect the seafaring importance of Liverpool as a gateway to the world.  Open daily 10am-5pm, Free entry.

Free exhibition:

China: Through the Lens of John Thomson 1868- 1872
5 February – June, 2010

An exhibition of work by Scottish photographer and travel writer John Thomson. The range and depth of his images, taken around the regions of China in the early 1870s mark him out as one of the most important travel photographers in history. The photographs are part of the Wellcome Library, London. .

Special events:

All hands on deck
Intervals between 1 & 4pm                     
10, 30 January, 2010
20, 27 February, 2010
6, 28 March, 2010

Ever wondered why a ship is always a she or what a ‘Fid’ is? Join our resident demonstrator and find out.

Monsters of the deep
23 January, 2010

Drop anchor and create your own nautical monster

Nautical arts and crafts – lighthouses
17, 31 January, 2010
14 March, 2010

A sea-themed arts and crafts session.

The wonderful world of penguins
3, 10 January, 2010

Join us for a fun-filled craft session as we celebrate the giant penguins in Liverpool this Christmas.           

Waterfront club
10am – 12 noon                 
30 January, 2010
27 February, 2010
27 March, 2010

Drop into the Waterfront Club for a fun nautical themed morning. For further information call 0151 478 4413.

Dragons and Lanterns
7, 13, 14, 15 February, 2010

Celebrate Chinese New Year and learn about the year of the Tiger. Make colourful lanterns, fans and dragons.

Fender making
13 March, 2010

Discover the how traditional rope fender’s are made.

Spotlight on the Titanic
3, 9, 16, 17, 30, January, 2010
6, 7, 14, 27, 28 February, 2010
7, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 March, 2010
16 January, 2010
20 March, 2010
4, 11, 18, 25 January, 2010
1 February, 2010
22, 29 March, 2010
16 January, 2010
6 February, 2010
20 March, 2010

Join our resident demonstrator and hear facts and myths that surround the sinking of the Titanic.

Titanic – The quartermaster’s story
1.30, 2.30 & 3.30pm           
9, January, 2010
14, 21 February, 2010

Robert Hichins was at the wheel when Titanic hit the iceberg. Hear his fascinating story told by our resident actor.

The ultimate experience
16 January, 2010
20 February, 2010
20 March, 2010

Steve Rigby talks about the once in a lifetime experience of diving to the wreck of the Titanic.

Shiver me timbers
1.30, 2.30, 3.30pm                          
18 February, 2010
7 March, 2010

Come and meet our very own pirate to find out about a life on the ocean wave and see if you have what it takes to be a fearsome treasure hunter in our interactive storytelling session!

Wartime at the Piermaster’s House
At intervals between 1 & 4pm                
13, 15 February, 2010
6 March, 2010

Meet Rose the Piermaster’s wife as she prepares for another day of rations and blackouts.

Never at sea – the Wrens story
1.30, 2.30, 3.30pm                          
3, 17, 24 January, 2010
16, 28 February, 2010
14  March, 2010

Liverpool played an essential role in winning the Battle of the Atlantic during World War Two.  Join our Wren, May Hatton, to hear about the vital work carried out under the streets of the city!

Blue Flu – The story of the Blue Funnel Line
6, 21, 22 February, 2010

The Blue Funnel Line, founded in 1866 by Alfred Phillip Holt, started the first sailings to the Far East. Find out how important this shipping line was in the development of Liverpool’s Chinatown.

Deeds not words
1.30, 2.30, 3.30pm              
7, 8 February, 2010

On 6 February 1918, the right to vote was finally granted to women in Britain. Hear the fascinating story of the suffragettes struggle and discover more about their activities in Liverpool

The leaving of Liverpool
1.30, 2.30, 3.30pm              
15, 16 February, 2010

Join our travellers and listen to their tales of hope and fear on their way to the New World.

Lizzie – the Piermasters daughter
Intervals between 1&4pm                       
18 February, 2010

Meet Lizzy in the Piermasters house and find out about life on the dock in wartime Liverpool.

Lights out
21 March, 2010

Join Albert our ARP warden as he prepares for another night of blackouts.

Storytelling on Sea Urchins
24, January, 2010
14 February, 2010
7, 14, 21, 28 March, 2010

Story-time fun for your little ones at our early years gallery on the first floor.

Take the six knot challenge
Intervals between 1&4pm           
28 February, 2010
28, 31 March, 2010

Are you smart enough to take the six knot challenge? Join nautical craftsman Dave Walker and find out.

At intervals between 1-4pm                                
30 January, 2010
27 February, 2010
27 March, 2010

Discover the skill of traditional woodcarving with our nautical craftsman.

Walk, talk and explore
Join our resident experts to learn more about Liverpool’s Chinatown and historic waterfront and get an introduction to the basic techniques of photography. Booking essential. Call 0151 478 4441.


Maritime Dining Rooms
Serving delicious, home cooked lunches & afternoon teas on the 4th floor.  Why not try our great value meal deal where a family of four can all eat a two course meal for only £20?

Quayside cafe

Serving a delicious range of hot and cold food, drinks and snacks.

Maritime shop
A wide range of maritime-themed gifts, books, postcards, posters and pocket-money priced souvenirs.

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