Mankey Monkey, in support of Alder Hey Imagine Appeal

Mankey Monkey, in support of Alder Hey Imagine Appeal.

Just a bit of fun to compliment the Go-Penguins event and raise more money for charity. Do get involved, the monkeys are cheaper than the penguins and just as cute (though a lot more mischievous)Foster a Mankey Monkey!

People of Liverpool!
This November, take a stand…

Remember the “Superlambananas” last year? Well, they’re doing it again with “Go Penguins!”. The Penguins are here to create a “Winter’s Trail” across Liverpool, which all sounds very nice. Trouble is, our friend from the jungle, Mr.. Mankey Monkey, is NOT happy…

He LOVES bananas (especially Lambananas), LOVES Summer, and the “Boo Penguins” are chasing away both!
His huge family of much bigger, colourful, zany children, the MANKEY MONKEYS, have boarded their fleet of banana boats, and are headed to Liverpool to overthrow the feathered fiends with their own display of hilarious Mankey Monkey Madness! All in support of Alder Hey Imagine Appeal.

They’ll be on show from mid November to late January across the whole city!  A guidemap will be available, showing where you can find each Monkey.


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