‘Making Time’ Lancaster Performance Project

This is in Lancaster but features Liverpool Art Prize, People’s Choice Winner, Elizabeth Willow alongside Jonathan Raisin who organises and performs in many Liverpool music events.

Making Time

Making Time is a performance project devised by the Nuffield Theatre to explore the nature of time.

Artists Jonathan Raisin and Elizabeth Willow have been commissioned to create a garden in the grounds of Lancaster University; a place in which to respond to change, growth and decay; to follow the seasons; to mark and be marked by the passing of time.

The project began at noon on Wednesday 21st October 2009 and will last for a whole year. The artists will be present on particular days (and maybe some nights), and visitors are invited to witness their work and to experience the garden as it changes.

Further information will be available at www.nuffieldtheatre.com/projects

Making Time, c/o Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4Y



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