Making Shapes Raises £700 for Art Month!


In order to help raise the vital funding needed to promote and facilitate the events taking place for Liverpool Art Month, selected professional artists across Merseyside were invited by Metal and Arena Studios and Gallery to design a unique artwork made from the two squares that make up the Liverpool Art Month logo.

The project ‘Making Shapes’ was displayed inside the Liverpool Art Month hub at the Grand Hall in the Albert Dock, the same place as this year’s Liverpool Art Prize exhibition.  A range of different artists were involved, and it was completely open as to how the two shapes were displayed.

Starting on Light Night, they were then sold off in an on-line charity auction through Ebay.  Over 38 artists (including this year’s Art Prize Winner and People’s Choice Award winner Tabitha Moses) were involved and the project raised over £700 for Art Month, which is a huge sum and will go towards some great things in the future.

Sam Wiehl
Sam Wiehl

Here is a list of the artists who took part:

1  Jenny Porter – Vertigo Kiss


2  Jai Chuhan

3  Rhonda Davies – Meat Legs

4  Michael Lacey – Statue Collage

5  Brendan Curtis Burton – You

6  Sam Wiehl – Jesus H Henry Christeo

7  Ed Bruce

8  Ian Fallace – Pink and Cells

9  Penny Davenport


10 Guy Harvey

11  Black Soup

12  Andrew G Fisher

13  Nathan Pendlebury

14  Tomo

15  Sarah Jane Richards

16  Post

17  Mo Peacock

18  Andrew Foulds

19  Josie Jenkins – Estuary Calling

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20  Jane Hughes – Toxteth Library

21  Anthony Gribben

22  Steve Barrett

23  Lee Donnelly – Hugo Chavez

24  Richard Meghan – Apophis

25  Jodie Mellor

26  Simon Smith

27  Rick Creed

28  Anna Ketskemety

29  Carol Ramsey

30  Pete Cameron

31  Paula Tasker–Lynch – Wordscape Diptych

32  Chris Turrell–Watts

33  Karen Edwards

34  Maria Abernethy

35  Christine Grogan – Get Lost

36. Tabitha Moses

37. Paul O’Keefe

38. Sian Hughes