Make Art on Bold Street


Make Art on Bold Street!

A new exhibition about Liverpool’s famous and eclectic Bold Street is launching in June at FACT. The exhibition is a collaborative piece by artists Michelle Wren and Katie Lips and will be an immersive, eclectic and interactive representation of Bold Street through the ages and through the eyes of its community and audience.

While Michelle is making an intricate photomontage of Bold Street, Katie is working to put the street online and is rapidly developing a community of Bold Street shoppers, workers, residents and artists in online spaces.

Katie explains: “The project has its own blog where you can stay up to date with the latest project developments and submit your stories and thoughts. The blog is a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into the making of an art exhibition; already the project team is building up quite a fan base!

The main reason we’re using the blog is to encourage the public to participate in this exhibition about their street. We are calling for videos, poems, stories, and photographs relating to or created on Bold Street. You can of course just send us your stories by email, or post, or even visit us at FACT, but we wanted to let anyone contribute their Bold Street stories – no matter where they are now.

Photographers who want to include their images can add them to a public ‘group’ on (a website for photographers to share their images). Video stars and filmmakers can add their films to Youtube, and poetry will be publicised on our blog. We already have many video interviews with Bold Street regulars and our Flickr Group is now gathering interest as more people contribute their images.

The use of Social Media tools means we can push the message about the exhibition to a wide audience, and provide a platform for anyone to collaborate on the exhibition, adding their own work, ideas and stories.

Just as ‘Web 2.0’ is about people creating and sharing content online, we’re using online spaces to create and share collaborative art. It’s Art 2.0!”

The exhibition opens 30th June, Media Lounge, FACT, Liverpool

The Bold Street Project Blog is at:

Find and add to Bold Street on Flickr:

To submit other media call 0151 7074407 or email Laura Yates at FACT:

Or use the Bold Street automated ‘Story Line’ on 0151 324 1555 to leave a voice recording of your story.

More information on FACT is available via their website: