Lunch at St Lukes – Bombed out Church is Open


Lunch at St Lukes

You know how you have always wanted to get inside St Lukes Church on Leece Street?
Well now is your chance.
Thanks to Urban Strawberry Lunch it is open from 12.00 to 14.00 Monday to Friday from now until October 2007.

You just have to sign a piece of paper accepting liability for any injuries, loss, damage etc to yourself or your property – in other words be careful because its hazardous. Not very though.

There’s the old black and white photographs from before and after the bombing (May 5 1941) which have been on show the past few years plus paintings and other artwork. Later there should be live performances of music, poetry, drama etc.

You can even sit and play chess, bit cold and wet for that today though.

More details on the myspace

lunchatstlukes-2.jpg lunchatstlukes-3.jpg


  1. Surinder Sandhu and the Saurang soloists
    return to HOPES to perform music by Surinder Sandhu, orchestrated by Richard Gordon-Smith

    This is at 7 pm at the Phil, on Sunday 22nd July. It introduces the “Hotfoot on Hope Street” – the festival of HOPES, which is the association which has done so much to keep the cultural life of the Hope street area flourishing.

    “The sarangi,” as Yehudi Menuhin said,”Expresses the very soul of Indian feeling and thought.

  2. Hello. I went to St Lukes today (25/07/07) around 12.30pm with some friends and it was locked up tight. As we really wanted to see inside we were very disappointed. Any idea when it will be open again?


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