Look11: Liverpool International Photography Festival

13 May – 26 June 2011

I have listed many of the exhibitions here on artinliverpool but not all of them and there are also debates, talks, workshops, forum etc. So please check the Look11 website for full up-to-date details.

With over 40 exhibitions at more than 15 venues, Look11 is a city-wide festival celebrating photography, its ability to affect mood and movement, to chronicle events and shape debate.

Coinciding with Liverpool’s ‘City of Radicals’ year, the festival is based on the theme of social justice and explores ideas of conflict and war, disenfranchised or  isolated communities and photography’s place in political, economic and social debate. It also poses a ‘call to action’ to all. With the increasing democratisation of photography we call on members of the public to take pictures of the world around them.

The festival will include some of the largest arts venues in Liverpool, including Tate Liverpool, the Bluecoat, National Museums Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, International Slavery Museum, FACT, CUC Liverpool, Art and Design Academy  and the Openeye Gallery featuring work by photographers and artists including Paul Trevor, Tim Hetheringhton, John Davies and Donovan Wylie,  Ian Berry, Mitch Epstein and Paul Seawright.


At CUC Liverpool, Harry Hardie and Paul Lowe’s curated exhibition ‘Collateral Damage’ was brought into stark clarity earlier this month when participating artist Tim Hetherington was killed in Libya hitting the headlines internationally. His work in the show features 24 of his images covering parts of his four year project in Liberia. ‘Collateral Damage’ explores images associated with atrocity that do not depict the actual act of violence or the victim itself, but rather depicts the circumstances around which such acts occurred. Harry and Tim were friends and the curator says the award-winning photographer was excited to be part of the show and presenting in his hometown. It is very poignant for the festival to be presenting Tim’s work and a great opportunity for visitors to celebrate his artistic and social achievements.