London Street Art

london street art pics

I haven’t reviewed a book for quite a while, in fact I haven’t read a book for ages. Don’t find the time but this is one of those books you can dip into now and then for a light-hearted break from the hard slog.

London Street Art is the first street art book solely on London, which is surprising as there is so much of it ands its been around a long time. Apart from the 2 page introduction there is no text, leaving the pictures to speak for themselves. Of course, the work is anonymous but I’m sure graffiti aficionados will recognise many of the ‘authors’, there’s certainly some of Banksy’s work in there.
london-street-art-cover-1.jpgThe book is by Alex MacNaughton, a freelance press photographer and is published by Prestel Publishing

Readers will know that I am not a fan of defacing of public buildings however good the artwork but I can still enjoy the humour (some are very funny) and skill of the artists and looking at them in a book like this helps me ignore the location to a degree.

‘London Street Art’ by Alex MacNaughton, Prestel, Publication date: 4th September, 2006
Padded hardcover • 17 x 12 cm • 3-7913-3674-6 • £8.99
96 pages with 150 colour illustrations