Local Band Launch Debut Album at The Capstone

923441_460176584066366_83561500_nOn Friday 21st June the Capstone Theatre will play host to the brand new album launch of the new group Bulbs. Hailing from Liverpool, UK, Bulbs are Joey Zeb (drums), Andy Maslivec (bass), Neil Campbell (guitar) and Marty Snape(electronics).
The Bulbs launches its eagerly awaited debut album with an hour long performance (+ support) which will feature the projection of an entrancing new film specially created by artist Sonny Phillips to accompany the album.
Over a year in the making Bulbs new album ‘On’ is a 12 track tour-de-force of cyclical time signatures, electronic textures, dark conceptual speech samples and prog melodic-ism. The album will be performed in its entirety at the launch event.


Bulbs is both a musical concept and a real band which aims to marry adventurous music-making with information and sound samples chosen to challenge the audience to look around them at the world in which they are living. It aims to ‘switch on listeners like light bulbs’ to question conventional wisdom and corporate media propaganda.


As a virtuoso solo guitarist Neil Campbell expands the scope of his already densely textured compositions with various loops, delays and other electronic effects, making his classical guitar sound like a multi-timbral guitar orchestra. His various collaborations and his concept performance pieces such as ‘Ghost Stories: A Night Opera’, ‘Frankenstein’ with The Neil Campbell Collective and Sense of Sound Singers and ‘Inventioning’, a new composition being developing with Jon Anderson (Yes), have earned him a reputation for musical ambitiousness and innovation.


For Bulbs he has teamed up with Andy Maslivec, bass player from The Neil Campbell Collective, Joey Zeb, session percussionist and drummer with legendary underground Liverpool dub institution The Zeb and Marty Snape (The Mighty Zeb / The Hat Band).

Joey, a founder member of Zeb, has his roots in prog dub. He has sessioned on various reggae, rock, folk projects and met Neil during the highly respected N F I electronic improv sessions. He is currently playing with proggers Gorp and dub hop outfit The Corinthians.


“Wild and wonderful music”

Jon Anderson (Yes vocalist)

“Like Mike Oldfield before him, Neil Campbell is an outstanding guitarist whose originality of thought makes him far more than just another gifted purveyor of finger acrobatics.”

Paul Fowles (Classical Guitar Magazine)


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