Liverpool’s Pavilions Launch Event


Liverpool Pavilions Launch 5/2/08

Last week the communities of Kirkdale, Kensington and Garston came together to launch the three Liverpool Pavilions due to open, respectively, on April 26, May 3, and May 31 2008.

The Capital of Culture project sees the development of the Winter Lights projects into 3 temporary outdoor Pavilions.

The Big Table group have chosen a selection of artists to realise the projects for the areas.

* Landscape architect Gross Max will be creating an open garden in Kirkdale, complete with architectural folly, to go opposite Rotunda Community College.

* Metal in Kensington have invited Colombian artist Luis Fernando Peláez and his architect son Juan Manuel Peláez to create a sculpture inspired by the original paving found at Edge Hill train station which will adorn the abandoned cobbled approach, the site of last years Truckstop festival.

* Garston have selected artist Micheal Trainor who will reinforce Garston’s status as a Cultural Village by holding a mock revolution from Wellington Junior School, creating an Embassy for the Artistic Republic of Garston (pictured above) – complete with plastic palm trees, fountains and a Palais de Tango! Of which we were given a stunning taster of at the launch.

See Biennial Pavilions Page


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