Liverpool’s Christmas Lights run on Bio-fuel.

My endless trawl of the internet in search of items relating to Liverpool art and culture unearths all kinds of bits and pieces. Here’s one I spotted today, I knew that the council were encouraging people to do more recycling this Christmas but hadn’t realised that the lights are being powered entirely from Bio-fuel made from vegetable waste.

There’s a critical typing error in this Lighting & Sounds magazine report though..

The Bio Fuel that ruins these generators is made from reprocessed vegetable waste. It’s 100 per cent natural, gives off no nasty emissions or exhaust fumes and is environmentally friendly. They consume about the same volume of fuel than diesel machines. “This is the first time we’ve had these available” says Grant, “And we are all keen to use them where possible in the future”.

Lots of techie stuff if you’re into lighting and sound, e.g…

Sound consisted of a Funktion One Resolution 5 system – eight elements a side, with two Res 4 infills, Turbo 450 wedges for monitors and a Midas Venice FOH console run by Francoise Lemoignan. Audile used their new Sennheiser 935 radio mics for the first time in an 8-way system.

Eh? Turbo wedges?


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