Liverpool youngsters scoop Lottery cash to make their own films!

Liverpool youngsters scoop Lottery cash to make their own films!

Thanks to First Light, young people from Liverpool will benefit from thousands of pounds of funding to produce their own short films, working alongside professional filmmakers.

First Light is a nationwide organisation based in Birmingham which helps young people from all backgrounds develop their skills, talent, creativity and confidence by providing opportunities for young people to work with industry professionals on high quality youth led digital media projects. First Light distributes £1.1 million of National Lottery money, through BFI funding as part of the ‘Young Film Fund’, each year.

As a result of their creative and inventive ideas, 30 young people aged between 13 and 19 have been awarded £28,690 to work with professional filmmakers on films, in a project co-ordinated by Twin Vision. The project is also supported by Sefton Youth Service, the local probation service and Merseyside Police.

The participants are a mixed group of young people from South Sefton who are either subject to a referral order because of their criminal behaviour or are considered at risk of developing criminal behaviours.  They are frequently exposed to high levels of criminal activity, and have low levels of school attendance or are experiencing unemployment, but have developed positive and lasting relationships with staff from the youth service. The project will draw on these relationships to cement the educational and creative process.


Their projects will focus on the consequences of crime and will draw together the victims of crime with potential perpetrators to tell the whole story about crime’s potentially devastating consequences. The young people involved will examine all aspects of gang culture from the initial choices of joining and becoming involved in a gang, to the life changing effects and potential consequences of becoming drawn into various acts of criminality that a gang situation can bring. The film will incorporate their personal experiences and opinions which will empower the young people to have major authorship over all the resulting work.
First Light places the young people at the heart of the creative process and as a result, all the ideas must come directly from them. They will be involved with every aspect of the production process from drawing storyboards and writing the scripts to directing and lighting the films alongside industry professionals.

First Light CEO, Leigh Thomas is impressed by the quality of the latest film ideas and says, “First Light gives young people, from all over the UK, the opportunity to tell their stories on film. The fantastic ideas we receive are grown from the young filmmakers own imagination and innovation and tackle some very important issues relevant to them.”