Liverpool to craft £5m Baltic Creative Quarter

Liverpool to craft £5m creative quarter – England’s Northwest.

The Quarter within the Triangle is making slow but steady progress. We have our Artinliverpool office in the Contemporary Urban Centre and with the growing number of venues in the area we are really keen to see it develop. But still waiting for specifics on how people can get involved.

Liverpool to craft £5m creative quarter

Liverpool will soon have a creative quarter that ensures it is at the forefront of the sector, thanks to the launch of a new multi-million pound development scheme.

A £5.2 million investment by the NWDA and the European Regional Development Fund will see four buildings in the Baltic Triangle be redeveloped to house up to 60 creative and design businesses.

If the Baltic Creative scheme proves to be a winner, it could drive further regeneration of the surrounding area.


Kevin McManus, director of Liverpool Vision’s creative support body Arts, Culture and Media Enterprise, said he hopes the project will have the same positive effect on creative companies that the Liverpool Science Park has on the area’s hi-tech businesses.

“We want a mixture of sole traders and small and large companies. We want to see a lot of collaboration and innovation that puts Liverpool on the cutting edge of the industry. Liverpool’s future is creative and digital,” he said.

McManus added that it is vital that support is provided to businesses that are going to grow and bring money and jobs to the city and the wider region.

The Northwest is home to the second largest digital and creative sector in Europe. It boasts some 31,000 businesses, employing around 321,000 people. Since 1995, the sector has grown at around twice the rate of the overall UK economy.