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Liverpool Through One Million Eyes – Project Update

A digital playground for the seasoned and curious photographers in Liverpool and beyond. A welcoming of everybody to exhibit their moments of their journey in a city entrenched in culture, architecture and history.

Liverpool through One Million Eyes (LTOME) is a growing digital inclusion photography exhibition inspiring residents and tourists to celebrate Liverpool by showcasing their photographic moments online. With abundant passion for his home city, professional photographer Iroro Azanuwha created LTOME with a vision to provide a unique digital community; encapsulating and celebrating the magnificent spirit of Liverpool.

Extending beyond the digital realm, Iroro shares his expertise through monthly LTOME Photography Tours. The relaxed group atmosphere holds educational tours, guiding budding photographers of all levels how to capture beautiful moments on camera. The journey starts at the scenic Albert Dock; here participants capture stunning shots of the cityscape, whilst learning camera tricks and how to get the best out of your devices.

LTOME aims to cultivate a sense of mutual pride through urban photography, captured for Liverpool people, by Liverpool people. The collaborative platform encourages everybody to exhibit their photographic moments online, not just tech – savvies. RO states: “the photographs don’t have to be award winning or taken with state of the art cameras, we just want people to get involved and give photography a go.”
Photography is the current emphasis, however LTOME has aspirations to develop a Creativity Hub; a community space networking local talent, fusing art with creative technology.

The contemporary world we live in is governed by modern technology, breeding a culture mesmerised by smart-phones and social media. Here, RO recognises wonderful opportunity for LTOME’s success, where instant smart-phone camera access and photography applications equip everybody to become photographers. The community encourages sharing, engagement and interaction with each other, inviting a human element to the digital age. Iroro explains that LTOME’s core mission is to: “ignite passion from the people, captivating our beautiful city and exposing the wonderful lives within it.”

Since launching in 2012, the blossoming community proudly exhibits more than 3000 images, echoing Liverpool’s spectacular architecture, culture, history and people. LTOME photographers are inspired to capture and share their special moments, reflecting the essence and beauty of their personal journey within Liverpool. This can be at any time, any place, such as an iconic landmark, celebration or event. LTOME aims to become Liverpool’s biggest digital photography exhibition by gathering more than 500,000 images.

Joining the community is simple, if you are proud of Liverpool, LIKE the LTOME Facebook page at Once capturing your image via camera or smart-phone, upload your image directly to the LTOME Facebook page.
Alternatively, photographs can be emailed directly to Iroro at

If you are eager to enhance your camera skills, the next LTOME Photography Tour will take place on Friday August 28 2015, 19.00 – 21.00. Tickets are available through eventbrite

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