Liverpool street artist donates painting to local charity!

During August Gill Tarpey, a care worker at Seel St charity PSS was walking
along Church Street and came across an amazing piece of artwork being
created before her eyes. The man with at the helm of this creation was local
artist and sculptor Phil Garrett. Gill commented to Phil on the skill level he
achieved in his work and their conversation led to the work Gill does with PSS
within the Merseyside community. As a result Phil very generously offered
to donate the finished article to PSS to help brighten our offices and/or raise
funds for the organisation.

The picture, an interpretation of the Flemish Baroque painter Peter Paul
Rubens’ masterpiece depicts the holy family with Saints Francis and Anne
and the Infant St John the Baptist. Last week Phil visited the PSS offices
and met with members of the team, during this time he explained the roots
of his interest in art and his decision to donate the painting. All who were
present commented on how interesting and insightful it was and that it wasn’t
commonplace to have an art lesson in their office of a mid-week morning!

Of course, PSS are thrilled with the donation and are now deciding which of
their services to place it within. Christine Barker, Head of Service for PSS
within Merseyside commented: “The level of skill and passion Phil shows in
his work is incredible and we are hugely grateful for his kind donation and
support of PSS”. The team are hoping that Phil’s passion and ability to create
such a phenomenal piece of art on the pavements of Liverpool will inspire
others to use their own creativity and talents to make a difference to the lives
of others.

Phil’s portfolio can be visited online at


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