Liverpool Plans for Bonfire Night

Parks light up for Bonfire night in Liverpool

Tens of thousands of people are expected to witness Liverpool’s November 5 displays which will be synchronised to music, in recognition of Liverpool Performs 2006.

Displays will be taking place at Walton Hall Park, Newsham Park, Sefton Park, all from 19.00

Please note there will be no river-based display this year.

The Sefton Park location has also changed from 2005 to the Review Field. This is located off Croxteth Drive, close to Cleopatra’s Needle Monument and Solna Hotel.

Listing details:
Walton Hall Park, Newsham Park, Sefton Park, Liverpool, Merseyside.
Date(s): 5/11/2006 – 5/11/2006
[t]:0151 233 2008


  1. I have just attended this this show and it was disgraceful. Firstly, i arrived at the correct time that was shown on this website. The show did not start at the scheduled time, and was fifteen minutes late.
    After keeping the crowd waiting, the fireworks began.
    We just started to get into the display, when the music stopped and an announcement was made for people to not use there own fireworks. Everybody accepted this and was ready for the rest of the show. Another announcement was made, that shocked me, saying that the performance was over!
    I was utterly disgusted as the show was on for no longer than five minutes.
    This is unacceptable, to people who have travelled for a long time, expecting a fifteen to twenty minute display. (Which i witnesses around 3 years ago).
    Also, the council has let down the eager children that have been awaiting a fantastic show.
    i am utterly bewildered to why this show was of such poor quality. This show at Walton Hall Park was meant to be of entertainment, but it left the audience ‘booing’ the performance at how awful it was.
    Yours Stephanie Bewley

  2. Thats pathetic isn’t it. A great shame.

    I hope you didn’t base your plans on this blog item as it dates from 2006 not 2007. The shows schedule start was at 19.00 last year but 19.30 this year. I don’t think I posted it on the blog this year but I did put a link on the front page with the 19.30 start time.

    They were late issuing full details (yet again) and I hate the whole bonfire night thing so don’t give it much attention.

    Of course, these events are nothing to do with artinliverpool but I’ll try and see that someone at the council sees your comments.
    It should have lasted about 20 minutes with ‘dramatic classical music’

  3. Here’s the answer – in today’s Daily Post…

    A LIVERPOOL firework display was stopped when children were injured by embers blown by high winds.

    Organisers halted the council-organised event at Walton Hall Park three minutes after fireworks began.

    Onlookers ran for cover and dozens of children were treated by St John’s ambulance first aiders.

    Leah Gallagher from Norris Green said her five-year-old daughter Lois had her eyes washed out after embers were blown into them.

    She said: “We were standing by the railings waiting for the fireworks to start and one of the stewards said we’d picked a bad place to stand because of the winds.

    “Before we had a chance to move, the fireworks started and it was like we were being bombarded.

    “I tried to shield Lois, but she’d been caught in the face. It was bedlam and loads of kids were sobbing.”


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