Liverpool museums – Ten Treasures, Day 1

Liverpool museums – Ten Treasures.

National Museums Liverpool is bracing itself for central Government cuts on 20 October 2010. Major budget cuts could impact on our ability to deliver world class museums and show off wonderful objects like these. Over the next ten days we’ll be highlighting our ten museum treasures and the wonderful stories behind them.

Today, we showcase the first of our ten museum treasures.
Treasure 10, Monday 11 October
Ford Anglia Saloon

This Ford Anglia 1905E Saloon was the first car to be produced at Ford’s new factory at Halewood, Liverpool, in 1963. Before completion, it was featured as the prize in a competition in the Liverpool Echo which was won by a Mr Taylor. The car was driven off the production line by the Lord Mayor of Liverpool on 8 March 1963 and was handed over to its new owner with a special registration: 1KF.

Mr Taylor was a non-driver and sold the car on. Ford bought the car and donated it to Liverpool City Museum. The Anglia would have cost around £514 to buy in 1963. It will appear in the new Museum of Liverpool when it opens summer 2011. Find out more about the Ford Anglia and other items in our land transport collection.