Liverpool Museums on Strike Today

People visiting Liverpool’s museums today (Wednesday) could be disappointed as approximately 150 members of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and 165 members of Prospect working for National Museums Liverpool take part in a second one day strike over below inflation pay increases.

Staff whose starting salaries can be as little as £11,000 are furious over deteriorating pay levels and the imposition of a pay offer that amounts to a cost of living increase of no more than 1.8%.

PCS national officer, Steve Farley, said: “Staff have grown increasingly angry over the imposition of a below inflation pay rise which has seen some of the most experienced staff getting a rise of as little as 1.3%.

“With inflation running at well over 4% this pay rise is in fact a pay cut in real terms with some staff expected to stomach an increase of only 90p a week before tax. We have tried repeatedly to try and find a negotiated outcome, but management seem happy to foster a culture of low pay for Liverpool’s culture workers.


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