Liverpool leads on questioning the Future World of Work

With studies suggesting that in 20 years’ time, half the jobs in the region may no longer exist. In 2018 the future of work will be the inspiration behind a whole season. FACT will lead on a series of artistic commissions linked to this big question which will take over the city centre and work alongside the International Business Festival and UNIGlobal (who represent 20 million workers worldwide), to bring some of the biggest and best thinkers to the city to tackle this idea.

Rewire 2 Credit Invisible Flock

Kazimier Productions will explore what changes in work will mean for the way we spend our spare time in a new project called Leisureland, while FACT continue their anticipated 2018 plans with Invisible Flock on previously announced project RE:WIRE that will see FACT and Leeds based Invisible Flock work with local communities to take over Toxteth Reservoir and explore the relationship between technology and the changing climate. RE:WIRE is separate from Future World of Work but adds to an already ambitious twelve months for FACT.

  • As for the future of work, FACT and Kazimier are pretty much a perfect example of what 2008 did for the arts in Liverpool. FACT Opened in 2003, and was a game changer in the city, leading all sorts of questions on an international scale, but in 2008, it became a pin up of what the arts could be in the city. At the same time in 2008, a group of creative sorts on bikes came cycling into the city and found an old nightclub venue. They set about turning it into a boundary pushing arts venue, and it ended up as one of the most exciting places in the country to spend an evening. in 2018, they have a huge new warehouse venue and factory, and tour their work around the world employing dozens of artists as they go.

But what if they had come to Liverpool in 2018, would the same fate have awaited them? Are people are ready to engage in the new, and do we need live art, or human intervention as much now as we did ten years ago?

Between FACT and Kazimier, that question will be the focus of summer in Liverpool. With studies as terrifying as they are, can artists really keep thinking they’re immune to Artificial Intelligence taking their jobs, or should we all be worried?

Full details are yet to be announced, so keep an eye out here for key dates and events in the series.