Liverpool Electric Guitar Orchestra: An invitation to play.

Liverpool Electric Guitar Orchestra: An invitation to play.

Rehearsal and performance for all (amplified) guitarists, exploring extended techniques, graphic scores, conducted improvisations, corny licks, etc. Run by Frakture: Liverpool

Founded in 1997 Frakture is about free improvisation. Frakture promotes exciting and risk taking new music and performance within Merseyside and the North West region, less frequently Frakture events works with visuals, dancers and text. On this occasion Frakture is working with a large ensemble of electric guitars, and whilst free improvisation is Frakture’s domain, L.E.G.O is likely to explore, “scores and compositions for improvisers”; long form improvisation; games and strategies; conduction; graphic scores.

Register ASAP on line here: Dead Line 25th April : help notes below


Rehearsal date & venue to be confirmed. More on this later

Performance will be at AlterPieces #2, St Lukes Church, Sunday July 10th 2011

No fees available, funding is very limited, expenses will be considered.

We are looking for up to 12 guitarists,

All abilities welcome (the ability to play not an advantage)

Web links:
On line registration form:

L.E.G.O | homepage

Info: Alterpieces #2, St Lukes Church :

On line form : help notes:
Visit the web page, e
ither put LEGO in box 1, or select LEGO 10 July from the drop down list in Box 2

Elsewhere enter all you contact details.

If we don’t know you, use one of the boxes to tell us a little about your self.

If for some reason, the form is a challenge, send LEGO/Frakture an email to

you may call Phil Morton on 07999518582 / or even better use Skype (for free) : our username is fraktureoffice.


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