Liverpool Community College Arts Centre- AA2A Exhibition

aa2a-100AA2A Exhibition in the windows of Liverpool Community College Arts Centre
25 May – 4 June 2010

‘Artists Access to Art Colleges’ is a nationwide scheme that enables practising professional artists to explore and develop new directions in their work through the use of facilities in participant colleges.

Liverpool Community College has hosted 4 artists in residence Karen Ball,  Felice Beilin, Claire Freeman  and Sian Hughes – working in a range of media: photography, paint and mosaic, drawing and cyanotype.

Karen Ball
Karen is a visual artist born in Liverpool and based in North Wales. During the AA2A residency her work explored ideas of ‘family’, ‘relocation’, ‘memories’ and ‘relationships’. The art has been made from reclaimed materials; broken crockery, photographs, stamps and personal momentos.

Karen explores a variety of medium in her work, in particular relief painting, assemblage and mosaics. Feel free to contact the artist via email to discuss her work.

Karen is open to private commission. The artist has a teaching qualification and experience of facilitating art workshops.

Felice Beilin
Felice’s work is centered around the power of colour. She has been using the figure as a vehicle to explore the effects and responses to different sequences of colour.

The combination of these two elements increaces the strength of expression. Her aim is to progree the use of colour to exist as an autonomous entity.

Felice Beilin works as a freelance artist, and is available for provate commissions and art projects of any kind.
Contact via email –

Claire Freeman
Claire Freeman’s work explores traditional darkroom processes, subverting and challenging classic views of photography. Printing with 35mm, medium format film and lensless pinhole paper negatives and using experimental techniques with hand-coated papers, photograms and double-exposing images both in camera and in the darkroom. Her practice also involves the construction and use of pinhole cameras made from reclaimed suitcases, wooden boxes, tins, wardrobes and other vessels.

Inspiration is taken from dynamic form in nature (Li), Zen, changes in season, optics, the elements, weather, yin-yang, relationships and connections with this world in which we live.

Workshops/Exhibitions/Info contact:
Wolstenholme Creative Space,
11 Wolstenholme Square, Liverpool.

Sian Hughes
Paper or fabric coated with a light sensitive solution turns from green to blue in Ultra Violet light. Object placed on the paper leave a detailed photographic image. The process can be manupilated to create complex layered works of art.

This Installation was inspired by the North Wales coast. The sharply detailed Cyanotypes created with the College’s Exposure Unit complement two metre long paper pieces exposed out of doors – stones and plant forms leaving layered traces creating a ghostly illusion of three-dimensionality.

Sian Hughes works from the Bridewell Studios, Liverpool and North Wales, producing installation work and public art commissions. She has extensive experience in Arts in Health and runs workshops for a range of participants in schools and galleries.

A selection of the work they have been creating will be on display in the Exhibition windows of Liverpool Community College, Myrtle Street from 25th May – 4th June 2010.

Cyanotype by Sian Hughes