Liverpool: City of Producers

Liverpool: City of Producers

A little while ago, you might have heard about a tiny film being produced on the streets of Liverpool by the name of Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. A short while before that, you might have noticed a giant mural appear on the old Littlewoods building on Edge Lane. Further back still, you’ll probably remember the frenzy around Chris Evans’ brief run through for Captain America. And possibly even a little project called Harry Potter.

Liverpool’s potential as a mouldable backdrop for filming any and all genres is undeniable, and fairly unmissable. There’s even an ongoing exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool to celebrate the city’s rich history. What goes a little less noticed, is the gaming, virtual reality, and digital breakthroughs, happening every day on these very streets.

Projects for companies like Nintendo and Pixar seem to be pouring out of the Baltic Triangle, and you’ve probably walked past Studio School on Greenland Street, thinking it was an extension of one of the universities. Behind that steel wall though, is the UKs first ever school to specialise in gaming.

The film at the top of this page was produced as much to celebrate everything that is already happening, as much as to promote new ideas bringing themselves to the end of the M62. It’s well worth a watch to find out what’s happening on your doorstep.