Liverpool Christmas Lights 2006 Switch On


Yes, it looks like Bonfire Night but these fireworks went off as some celebrities switched on the Liverpool City Centre Christmas Lights for 2006.
There was a huge crowd there to see the Leader of Liverpool Council, Warren Bradley or maybe they were there to see the boy band, think it was Eton Road. Ricky Tomlinson also performed his xmas song ‘Christmas My Arse’ and Neville Skelly crooned.

Somehow I don’t think Robyn Archer was involved in commissioning this show, highbrow it ain’t but neither is Christmas. Its all about having a good time with tacky, commercial, populist rubbish and that’s fine by me (as long as its only once a year).
Even the Notre Dame Gospel Choir didn’t sing any hymns, thank goodness, performing the old favourites ‘The Snowman’ and ‘Winter Wonderland’

Update: Plenty of good pictures on BBC website: