Liverpool Celebrates Chinese New Year

Banksy’s Rat (now unprotected) overlooks the Year of the Rat celebrations.

A bit misty today and cold but otherwise a good day for a lengthy street parade and that’s what you get with the lion and dragon dance around Liverpool’s Chinatown. The New Year celebrations get bigger and longer each year even as Chinatown itself seems to get smaller.

As well as the stalls selling the usual oriental items and basic noodles, the whole Sunday market gang where lined up along Great George St. with Tai Chi demonstrations on the 08 stage.

Also St Luke’s (bombed out) Church was open and full of percussive items for kids to bang on courtesy of Urban Strawberry Lunch.

Happy Chinese New Year 2008 everybody.

cny08-stlukes.jpg cny08-tai-chi.jpg

cny08-dragon.jpg cny08-man.jpg


  1. I enjoyed this year’s celebrations ; think it was down to the sunny weather and a spruced up Chinatown. The beautiful archway gives Chinatown a great focal point.

    Like your link with Banksy’s rat in the main photo. I always used to think it was cat until I recently learned it ws a rat by the infamous graffitist Banksy.

    Did not enjoy the ‘drumming’ inside St.Luke’s though. Whata racket! The firecrackers were much more pleasant.

  2. Hi,

    Liverpool New Year is always great. I was in the gold lion head dancing to everywhere in Liverpool hard work for a year.

  3. Hi Everyone,

    Chinese New Year for 2009 will be on Sunday 1st Febuary be there it the year of the ox.

  4. This Years Celebrations Are On The 26th Of January…
    The Official New Year Is Monday The 27th But As Stated, All Celebrations Are On The 26th….


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