Liverpool Biennial artist appeals for t-shirts

Jemima Wyman, one of the artists exhibiting at FACT as part of the Liverpool
Biennial, is appealing for t-shirts to help complete her work, which will grow
throughout the building.

Jemima’s piece Collective Coverings, Communal Skin will comprise of weavings
made during community workshops before and during the Biennial. The piece will
grow to cover the inside of FACT as more weavings are added throughout the

Collective Coverings, Communal Skin will explore camouflage fabric as a
material with symbolic links to violence and conflict. Donated second-hand
camouflage patterned and coloured t-shirts will be used as weaving material on
hula-hoop looms.

There will be workshops during the Biennial in which the local community
will be invited to meditatively weave with the artist while transforming these
objects of conflict into items of comfort. This ties in with the 2012 festival theme
of ‘hospitality’.

The weavings are now underway, but Jemima still needs more t-shirts to realise
the project on the scale required, and is appealing for anyone who may be able
to donate any unwanted shirts for weaving.

Project co-ordinator Anna Kronenberg said: “We are appealing for whatever
people are able to part with, whether that is individuals who can spare one old
t-shirt, or charity shops or businesses who might be able to donate surplus
stock. The piece is coming along nicely and we’re grateful to everyone who has
donated an item or helped us weave to become part of this exciting Biennial
artwork so far.”

If you have any camouflage print or similar coloured t-shirts to donate

(think shades of brown, dark green, navy blues or beige) and would like to see
them become part of a brand new community artwork for Liverpool Biennial,
please drop them in at FACT’s information desk during opening hours. Please
note the t-shirts will be cut up, and cannot be returned.

Collective Coverings, Communal Skin will be exhibited at FACT for the duration
of the Liverpool Biennial, from September 15 to November 25.
For more information about the weaving workshops, please contact


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