Liverpool Artists in Hoxton Square, Dec 2008

A few Liverpool artists feature in this new exhibition in London

A brand new exhibition opening at The Courtyard Gallery housed in The Courtyard Theatre on December 15th 2008. The Art of Trauma and Peace’ will draw together for the first time, 25 artists from 7 countries with works created between 78 and 08 to explore the trauma of loss in all its aspects and the transition to peace. This process has to be one of healing, the real ‘witnessing presence’ created in The Art of Trauma and Peace’ by the varying artists, brings home the intensity of this process, allowing all involved to better understand and appreciate the damage to the internal ‘other’, the absence, and confusion, that occurs in the traumatic experience, as well as the hopefully resulting reaction towards peace. Indirect, unaestheticised and dialogic in nature, ‘the art of trauma and peace’.
Important elements of The Art of Trauma are illustrated in the works of Iraqi artists during the period 1978-2008 including the POW, by the late Ismael Fettah (1989), Adel Mohsen (1978), Saad Tweij (1982) Amir Hussein (1982), Adel Kamal (1999), Saad Attai (2001), Amer Al Abidi (2002).
Other exhibitors include  Liverpool Based Artists  Tony Knox, Mary FitzpatrickLisa Who (Australia),Pui LeeRuth Dillon , also Chris Holden ,(UK), Tamara Nouri (Iraq), Raeda Achour (KSA), Reem Khateeb (Syria) Hamid Bouhioui, Fatima Al Hajjaji, Mohamed Rachidi, Faouzia Jaidani and Mustapha Meskine (Morocco) , Derek Culley ( Ireland ) Placide (France), Larisa Dizdar (Bosnia), Lotfi Kaabi (Tunisia)