Liverpool Artist’s House For Sale

A Novel Way to Sell a House

The lengths people will go to, to sell their house. Well known Liverpool Artist Alex Corina has come up with a novel way to attract interest in his property. He has organised an Open Day and Exhibition of art at the property in Monksferry Walk, Aigburth. On Sunday 1st April, between 1pm and 5pm in the afternoon

Alex is the artist who transformed Leonardo Da Vincis Mona Lisa into a John Lennon lookalike. A giant 80ft by 50ft version of it hung over St Georges Hall as part of Liverpools bid to become European City Of Culture. (See website )

Recently divorced Alex says ” I always fancied the idea of a ‘closing down sale’ when we sold the house. I can’t take all the work on the walls with me because I’m looking to size down so to combine the symbolism of ‘moving on’ with an exhibition and Open Day to publicise the house sale is perfect”

Alex continued “Humour and fun is part of my art. I hope the Open Day will be fun so whether you are moving to Liverpool and looking for a house or live in Merseyside come and join us’

If you would like to attend the open viewing of Alex’s property or would simple like to come along and enjoy the art on display please contact Halifax Estate Agents in Allerton on 0151 734 4911.


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