Liverpool Artists Cultural Exchange with India


A group of five UK-based artists and a designer are currently on their way to Kolkata, India to spend the next 10 days meeting local artists at work in West Bengali villages. The research will form part of an exciting new traveling installation that brings these little-known art-forms to a much wider audience, both in Europe and within India.

Two members of the group will be traveling to New Delhi to focus on a cross-cultural exchange between Patchitra scroll-painting and contemporary photography and performance, culminating in an exhibition in New Delhi from 24-28th June 2010.

‘I-Village’ is being funded by a Cultural Heritage grant from the European Commission. Partners include Banglanatak, London Metropolitan University, Unesco India and Liverpool-based Planet Art eXchange.

The UK artists are Ruth Dillon, Hambi Haralambous, Dave Laurence and Tony Knox. Becs Andrews will be designing the installation.

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