Liverpool: A City on Screen

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BFI ScreenOnline. Liverpool: A City on Screen.

This is an excellent resource but very frustrating for me as the films can only be watched from a school, college or library (maybe I can register myself as the Liverpool Art Library?)

Loads of interesting films about or filmed in Liverpool over past 100+ years. There’s even a Liverpool v Everton match from 1902!

After London, Liverpool is perhaps Britain’s most filmed city. The port city that was once described, by American ‘beat poet’ Allen Ginsberg, as “the centre of the consciousness of the human universe”, has certainly always punched well above its weight. Small wonder that the city was chosen as European City of Culture in 2008, a year after it celebrated its 800th anniversary.

This BFI Screenonline celebration gathers together a fascinating selection from over 100 years of moving images filmed in, around or about Liverpool, providing a vivid, growing document of a city and people in constant change. Liverpool: A City on Screen has been developed in collaboration with the North West Film Archive, University of Liverpool, Liverpool Libraries and Liverpool Record Office and North West Vision and Media.