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plan b Urban Voodoo

Inspired by the idea of ‘archipuncture’, we want to explore Liverpool as body and look at personal stories that have taken place in the city and see if we can use Urban Voodoo to change the city in some way.

We will go to the places people tell us about and use the journey and the actions we perform as field research for a performance reconstruction on Sunday 29 October at 5pm at Static.

If you can help with answers to any of the prompts below, simply email us on You could also meet us, phone us or text us. Our number is 07969 663 196
mouthset.jpgWe want to ask, in a vastly changing city such as Liverpool: Where is the centre, the heart, the head, the elbow, the eyes, the foot, the soul, the brain, the blood supply, the kidneys, or the arse?


Are there any other body parts you think are important and where would they be?

What part of the ‘Liverpool body’ is the regeneration? Is it a sparkling new face-lift or a diseased liver?

If Liverpool were a person, would they be healthy? (if not, what would it be suffering from and what would improve it?)

If you could ‘heal’ Liverpool by changing the public space – what would you build and where?

If you could improve Liverpool by taking something away what would it be, and why?

Is there somewhere in Liverpool that makes you think of a certain story whenever you go past?

Is there certain song that you always think of at a particular place?

If you had to take someone who had never been to Liverpool before to one place that you thought summed Liverpool up, where would you take them?

If anger in the city is expressed by broken bus shelters and vandalised telephone boxes, where is grief expressed? Where is happiness expressed?

In a live performance using models and video, we will show the outcomes of our investigations on Sunday 29 October at 17.00 at Static.