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Live06 – Borrowers, PlanB and Applause

applause-1.jpgFeeling happier now that I’ve got all my files backed up onto a new external hard drive, took me all morning.

Bad news from Walk The Plank though, the Friday night cabaret had to be cancelled as the electric generators failed. (microbes in the diesel or something). Some people have had very little luck in this Biennial.

At 16.00 yesterday we stood opposite Waterstones at the bottom of Bold Street but it wasn’t to join the huge queue at the Billie Piper book-signing session. It was good that there were so many extra people there though as it made this small intervention event all the more fun.

Soon after we arrived, Sean Hawkridge started a round of applause and we all joined in, about 30 people I think, had turned up to clap, whistle and cheer for 2 or 3 minutes. Then we stopped as suddenly as we had started and quickly dispersed as if nothing had happened.
The Saturday shoppers were bemused and amused by it all, plenty of smiles and some even joined in without knowing what they were applauding.

bin-1.jpg planb-1.jpg
Today, we had hoped to see ‘Evidence for the Existence of Borrowers‘ at 3345 Parr Street but it was sold out. We did manage to take a quick look at the ‘Education Room’ though and see some of the Borrowers objects (Bobjects) and later we talked to the performer Kazuko Hohki (anyone remember ‘We are Ninja’ by Frank Chickens?)

Later at Static we enjoyed the final performance of Live06, ‘Urban Voodoo‘ by plan b an interesting and amusing piece of psychogeography and archipuncture using a miniature film set with images of Bold street and other familiar areas and short stories to find the heart, soul, spleen and arse of the city.

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