Listen back to Refractive Pool Symposium, a panel discussion on Liverpool’s contemporary painting scene

Refractive Pool Symposium panel discussion audio available now here

In February 2020 Refractive Pool presented a symposium in partnership with Liverpool Hope University, exploring aspects of Liverpool’s contemporary painting scene, through presentations from Liverpool based artists and a panel discussion focusing on the experience of painters working in the Liverpool City Region.

The panel discussion, chaired by Donal Moloney, featured artists Josie Jenkins, Gareth Kemp, Joana Oliveira Guerreiro, James Quin, Zahra Parwez, Jason Hollis and Anna Ketskemety. Conversation focused on the experience of these artists, living in the Liverpool City Region, with questions and comments from the audience.

You can listen to an audio of the Refractive Pool Symposium panel discussion on their website: