Lightning Seeds and Wonder Stuff

lightning seeds lightning seeds crowd

Mathew Street Music Festival 2006 – Part 3 – Sunday August 27th – Pier Head

Some big names on the North stage today and the sun is shining. Arrived just in time for the start of the Lightning Seeds set. Ian Broudie and the band played all their hits and the atmosphere was great as the whole of the Pier Head area was packed out. Lots of people danced manically to Life of Riley and sand along to Three Lions which is now 10 years old so, sadly, the lyrics have changed from ’30 years of hurt’ to ’40 years of hurt’ Ouch.

Next up was Wonder Stuff, looking a bit more mature but still very lively, another good show – The Size of a Cow!
Listened to a few songs from Shack. I hadn’t heard of them before but they’re pretty popular here and internationally apparently.

Planned to see John Smith Band on the South stage for new local bands but for some reason he’d been replaced by The Pedantics who are also quite good

wonder stuff the pedantics


  1. hi,

    thought 06 festival the best yet!! thought Tabby was excellent on Sunday, u2 tribute band were also good, closed my eyes and thought it was the real thing!. I agree about the fairground why??? everyone seemed to have agood time even the cops!!, felt sorry for the street cleaners, wish people would just take their own stuff and get rid of it appropiately..

  2. Ah yes, I forgot about the U2 band, Elevation, they were good. A lot of people struggle with the Bono style vocals.

    Don’t get me started on litter! It honestly does amaze me that people just drop things on the floor instead of putting it in a bin or, better still, the re-cycling boxes. I think I must be an alien or something.


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