Late At Tate – September 2007

LateAtTateLogo.jpgLate at Tate? This time it’s Date at Tate.

Make a date to see Rodin’s The Kiss this September

On Thursday 27 September make a date or bring your date to see Rodin’s The Kiss in its new home in the Tate Liverpool foyer (or maybe get swept away by the romance and find yourself a date!). Tate Liverpool’s third late night opening is inspired by the major re-hang of the Tate Collection which is being unveiled this month in a display entitled DLA Piper Series: The Twentieth Century: How it looked & how it felt. All events at this Late at Tate Liverpool are free, and visitors can enjoy a free Cains beer on arrival.

Focussing on the boys and girls of the twentieth century – from Rodin’s couple in The Kiss to Andy Warhol’s notorious entourage (including Nico and the Velvet Underground), this month’s Late at Tate Liverpool will provide an atmospheric introduction to the new display. Bring your friends and explore the figures of the twentieth century by taking a tour, enjoy an impromptu performance in an unexpected spot, or delve deeper and watch a film screening – all the while being serenaded by the best jazz, funk and hip hop of the last Century.

Jonathan Harris, professor of art history, and director of the Centre for Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA) at the University of Liverpool, will lead a free tour entitled Figure It Out. Inspired by his recent article on DLA Piper Series: The Twentieth Century: How it looked & how it felt, Jonathan will take visitors between sculptures, painting, photography and installation on a unique exploration of the works from Tate collection. Meet him by the Rodin at 18.30.

From 18.00 there will be a screening of The Chelsea Girls (1966) – a film directed by Warhol, and heralded as his first major commercial success. The film was shot at the Hotel Chelsea and various other locations in New York City. Starring many of Warhol’s superstars, it follows the lives of several of the young women who live there.

Throughout the evening, performance group English Eccentrics will present a series of impromptu ‘performances’ in unexpected places, that bring together dance, music, song, graphic and spoken word. These mini-performances are inspired by Warhol’s infamous Exploding Plastic Inevitable events, an interview between Gerard Malanga and Andy Warhol, and the music of The Velvet Underground and Nico. As just one part of their performance English Eccentrics will host an intimate meal for two (of contemporary soup and bananas) where ‘The Psychiatrist’ will present visitors with a diagnosis that could challenge the very notion of being!

The night will culminate with a performance by reggae and soul musician Natty (from 20.00), whose influences include many great figures from the twentieth century including Jimi Hendrix and the Velvet Underground, Miles Davis, The Clash and Joy Division. Mellowtone DJs will warm up to this acoustic set with a mix of jazz, funk and hip hop. The after-party rolls on to 3345, Parr Street.

As well as all this, our shop and cafe will be open late too. If you would like to pre book a table in our café, to enjoy the Late at Tate Liverpool dinner menu, then call 0151 702 7581.

In October Late at Tate Liverpool gets tongues wagging about the 2007 Turner Prize. For details on future events visit


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