Last Chance to See – ‘The Long Way Home’

This week sees the close of the exhibition The Long Way Home at the National Conservation Centre.

Visitors will have their last chance to see this phenomenally successful exhibition by Bernard Fallon on Sunday 15 July 2007.

The Long Way Home is made up of 60 atmospheric black and white images taken between 1966 and 1974. They feature everyday Liverpool scenes, many of which Fallon took on his daily journey home from Liverpool to Crosby.

The evocative images document ordinary life in Liverpool with extraordinary detail. They not only capture its people going about their daily business in a variety of locations, one of which is Liverpool Docks, but they also depict domestic scenes with children at home and play. Bernard Fallon said; “I took these pictures as an amateur in the true sense of the word…I loved the sensation of events and scenes materializing in the view finder.


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