Last Chance to See – ‘Fire & Eurhythmy’

Reminder that this exhibition at Ikonography in Mathew Street finishes on Friday November 10th

‘Fire & Eurhythmy’ – exhibition organized by Nicole Bartos involves visual artists from the North West, Merseyside, UK and Tokyo, Japan; featuring artwork such as: performance, mixed-media, glass, ceramics installation, painting, photography, graphic.

Exhibiting Artists:
• Nagachoo (performance and mixed media), Tokyo, Japan
• Mieko Noguchi (cosmic glass), Tokyo, Japan
• Nicole Bartos (mixed media and wax), Liverpool, UK
• Sarah Nicholson (mixed media), Liverpool, UK
• Richard Ashworth (drawing, mixed media), Liverpool, UK
• Jayne Hannay (ceramic installation), Liverpool, UK
• Elizabeth Hodgkinson (mixed media/ painting), Liverpool, UK
• Sharon Mutch (photography), Huyton, Merseyside, UK
• Barry Cooper (Glass artist), St. Helens , Merseyside, UK