La Machine – The Giants are Coming. Sept 5 -7

artichoke-228.jpgfrom Artichoke…

The Giants are Coming…

Liverpool, 5th – 7th September 2008

It’s less than three weeks until our next show, and final preparations are underway: the company are rehearsing in a top-secret location and Liverpool is gearing up for a spectacular event as part of its European Capital of Culture celebrations.

It’s a truly epic event and will be an unmissable, unforgettable experience.

If you would like more details about the show, our dedicated event website is now up-and-running. See what’s new by visiting We’ll be updating you as the 5th September draws nearer, both on the website and via e-mail.

So the countdown begins: we’ve got our bags and brolleys packed already in anticipation. We hope to see you there at what’s set to be a magical weekend!


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