Julia Carter Preston returning to the Bluecoat

A nice article on potter Julia Carter Preston by Peter Elson in the Daily Post, she will be returning to her studio at the back of the Bluecoat when it re-opens soon.

The potters wheel keeps on turning

Few people look forward to restarting their career well after the usual age of retirement. Potter Julia Carter Preston is in that select group and is raring to go. Peter Elson reports

ON ARRIVING for tea at the Carter Preston residence, in Liverpool’s Georgian quarter, there is no doubt you are immersed in the Capital of Culture months ahead of schedule.

A dresser, groaning under its pay-load of exquisite classical Greek crockery like a grounded Argo, forms a backdrop as sherries and fortified wines flow across a beautifully inlaid antique circular dining table. Even the crisps are served on a silver salver.

When her husband Michael Pugh-Thomas asks if she’d have a glass of the Sainsbury sweet sherry, she declines, preferring the Tio Pepe dry.

“I’m upgrading my taste to help the European Capital of Culture ambiance,