Jude Kelly – Guardian Article

Article in today’s Guardian about Jude Kelly from Liverpool who is now the Artistic Director of the South Bank…

“Perhaps all artistic directors speak like this, as if they have been listening to audio tapes of Foucault in their sleep. Or perhaps it is Kelly’s response to the condescension she has suffered as one of the few women working at her level in arts management – the word “lightweight” has never been used, but it is implied in some criticisms of her work as a director. She is also sensitive to slights about her Liverpudlian background. For whatever reason, the harder she tries to explain her philosophy, the more it feels like looking at one of those 3D images, the ones you stare at for ages until the outline of a ship or a horse jumps out at you. I think, in Kelly’s case, it is quite a well-drawn horse. But it is difficult to tell.”

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