Journeys in the Dreamtime Art Workshop presented by UK author and visionary artist Neil Hague

Journeys in the Dreamtime Art Workshop presented by UK author and visionary artist Neil Hague

Journeys in the Dreamtime Art Workshop (Liverpool UK) Through Art, Music & Meditation Presented and guided by UK Author and Artist Neil Hague
“Art is the highest task and proper metaphysical activity of this life” Nietzsche
” Art in its truest sense is the vehicle by which we ‘dream with open eyes’, and it is the free flowing timeless connection to inner worlds that are waiting to be discovered. All art is spiritual and therefore can be deemed unacceptable, even ‘dangerous’, when it attempts to convey other levels of reality.” Neil Hague

The aim of the art workshops are to offer avenues of individual creative expression to unlock what Neil calls “our inner-knowledge and true understanding of our part in a multi-dimensional Universe.
” Art in its myriad of forms is a primary tool for unlocking the imagination, and therefore, as individuals the workshop gives the opportunity to nurture and focus our creative abilities in a two day intensive group setting with a unique UK artist – Neil Hague.

The workshops consist of several art-based exercises intimately guided by Neil and all art made during the workshops will be produced initially through drawing and painting, primarily through exercises that come in the form of Doodling, Painting to Music and the ability to ‘look twice’ at what we call ‘reality’. Making art of this nature creates higher levels of awareness opening channels of discovery into those areas the ancient’s called the “Dreamtime”.

Neil will also give a group presentation on art, archetypes and the nature of reality, showing how art is a universal language that comes from the core of our consciousness. The workshops offer a platform through creative expression to open our finer senses, and see into ‘other worlds’ that are just as real as the world we construct daily. Art is a process and a language that can show us our inner worlds, if we allow ourselves to go with the creative flow.

The workshop will consider the Dreamtime, ancient symbols, archetypes, historical artists, the ‘human divine form’ and how the power of the visionary within us all can open our hearts and expand our understanding of who we really are and what we are truly capable of today. And of course much art will be made over the workshop day/s.

“Images derive from the fountainhead of human life, the heart, the solar centre, ancient memories in the blood and the polarity of the fire of the spirit.” Cecil Collins

DAY ONE (snapshot) Since Ancient times, the movement of the stars, planets and other celestial bodies have fascinated humanity. Our ancestors have built temples, belief systems and even personified these bodies so to gain a greater understanding of the mysterious connections between Heaven and Earth. Often guided by unseen forces our ancestors were pioneers, wanderers, storytellers and stargazers who undertook many quests into these unseen worlds. The aim of the day is to cover several art excercises, techniques for beginners and those with artistic flair alike. All of the imagery will be made through individual and group guided exercises, meditation and creative visualisation techniques, with a quite a few laughs and stimulating debates in between.

DAY TWO (Snapshot) After a day of creative expression through various exercises more attention will be given to individual needs and creating art forms that move us beyond the normality and mundane realities, primarily focusing on the Imagination.

The workshops run over 2 days (weekend) and costs: £160 per person (for both days). Neil’s workshops are limited to 15 places and a £45 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a place.

The full payment will need to be made by July 17th 2011
Materials and light refreshments are provided.
To enquire about the workshop or reserve a place, or pay by cheque please email:

To reserve by deposit and pay £45 GO TO: and click on ‘workshop’ PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online.

The only Neil Hague UK Workshop in 2011 Liverpool 17th & 18th September 2011
Venue: SING (Seaforth Information Network Group)
53a Cambridge Road Seaforth Liverpool L21 1EX
(5.8 miles or 20 minutes from Liverpool city centre and a easy walk to the seaside and Gormley statues)

To make a full payment of £160, paypal or major credit card: Go to and click on ‘workshop’


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