Join the Liverpool Arts and Culture Forum


Yes! We now have a forum. Something I’ve resisted for a long time but there’s a danger that blog is becoming bunged up with adverts and announcements for jobs, courses etc. and we get loads of emails requesting information on studio space, exhibition space, people selling or wanting stuff.

So the forum is the ideal place for these things.
Anyone can read the forum but you need to register to post items. Its very easy to register, you just select a username and password then you can post straight away.
When posting you can even include 1 or 2 images as well as the usual links, email addresses etc. and if you click on ‘additional options’ you can even attach files.

Hopefully this will also make my job easier as you will be doing some of the work and I can just copy items to the listings and blog as necessary.

Of course, forums only work if lots of people register and use it. There are RSS feeds available for those who now how to use them.

So please register now and get posting.