Join the Knit-in Bed-in at the Bluecoat, Sunday 31 Oct


knit-squareFrom Purlesque at the Bluecoat…

Purlesque knitting circle meet every Tuesday evening in Brew tea bar on Bold Street –  Liverpool, to drink tea, eat cake, knit and chat!

We love all things crafty and wanted to use the  bed-in as an opportunity to express our love of knitting, crochet and textile craft.

We wanted to do something as a group so came up with the idea of making a communal blanket that could  cover the bed – a blanket for peace that represents us as individuals (our own separate  squares) and as a group (the finished blanket).

Knitting is a peaceful past-time in a number ways – so GIVE PURL A CHANCE,  in the Bluecoat bed tomorrow SUNDAY 31 October 2010 11 till 4pm so drop by and  say hi or why not bring your knitting and join in!



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