John Moores Painting Prize Visitors’ Choice – Voting Ends 18 Nov

Nicholas Middleton’s photo-realist painting "Protest, April 1st 2009"
Nicholas Middleton’s photo-realist painting "Protest, April 1st 2009"

JOHN MOORES VISITORS’ CHOICE – Vote before end of 18 November 2010

Thousands of visitors have voted for their favourite painting in the UK’s biggest painting competition, the John Moores Painting Prize at the Walker Art Gallery, since the exhibition opened in mid September.

The winner of the popular Visitors’ Choice, sponsored by Rathbones, will be announced on 25 November 2011 and will receive a prize of £2,010.

Voting is still open but five very different paintings have taken an early lead:

* Jon Braley’s resin-coated untitled work which celebrates the power and energy of nature
* Richard Harrison’s imaginary landscape, the expressionist painting Mountain Peaks
* Nicholas Middleton’s photo-realist painting “Protest, April 1st 2009” depicting Financial Fools’ Day protest outside the Bank of England. Nicholas was selected as a prize winner this year and he also won the John Moores Visitors’ Choice prize in 2006
* Liverpool-born Steve Proudfoot’s enigmatic work The Party which poignantly depicts an ordinary scene of family life
* Christian Ward’s psychedelic painting Frontier Monument with its mysterious details and layers.

There is still time vote for your favourite from all 45 paintings.


Voting closes on Thursday 18 November 2010 when the gallery is open till 22.30 as part of the Long Night. ( )

John Moores project manager, Angela Samata says: “This year we have 45 very different paintings for visitors to choose from. The quality and variety of paintings in the exhibition has ensured the votes are close and we have quite a task ahead of us to count them! We are grateful to Rathbones for sponsoring the Visitors’ Choice prize, which encourages intense debate and interest in contemporary painting”.

Alex Richmond, director of Rathbones says: “We are delighted to be able to support the John Moores Visitors’ Choice Award. This year the range and differing appeal of the paintings is particularly impressive and we are looking forward to unveiling the winner.”