John Brady Interview in NW Enquirer

Kay Carson of The North West Enquirer should be congratulated for first of all managing to get through to John Brady on the phone and then for writing a nice article giving a quick overview of some of the Independents events.

Its quite a good paper and I’m not just saying that because it often mentions the artinliverpool blog and has us listed in their recommended blogs section

An open-minded approach to the Independents Biennial Liverpool 2006
Published on Sep 07 2006
by Kay Carson

PREPARATION for the Independents Biennial Liverpool 2006 has been frenetic. At least, that was the feeling while speaking on the phone with John Brady, its creative facilitator – and, when he told me he had received more than 200 portfolios, I reckoned my hunch was right.

But the hard work, the shortlisting, the reading and re-reading will all have been worth it, because from next week until the end of November, the city will be buzzing with the infectious enthusiasm and energy of raw talent.

“The Independents are not themed, categorised or curated by institutions,